What is an Autoresponder and Why you Need One

What is an Autoresponder Anyway?

When you are trying to do Internet and email marketing for your online business you are going to need an autoresponder. An autoresponder is a tool in the form of a software program or service that allows you to send emails to your prospects.

There are a lot of autoresponder services as depicted in the image above. Each service has different features and prices. No matter which one you choose there is one very important metric that you must know. What is the deliverability? If your emails are not making it to the inbox you are just wasting time.

Personally I use Aweber. They are a well respected autoresponder service that has all the features I like and use. They also have great deliverabilty. Many of the others are excellent also. You can get links to autoresponder services in my FREE book “The Ultimate Email Marketing Resource Guide”. Get a copy here.

Why you Need an Autoresponder

In my post “Why You Must Use Email Marketing in your Online Business” I explain why every online business needs to use Email Marketing in their business.

If you are doing email marketing you need the right tools to get the job done. The autoresponder allows you to automate the process of collecting emails from your prospects. It then automatically follows up with them to help you make the sale.

I mentioned earlier a good autoresponder service has great deliverability. If you tried to keep track and send emails manually using your email address you would most likely get your email blacklisted. This would prevent your prospects from ever getting your emails. Not to mention the amount of time you would consume doing this task.

An autoresponder takes care of all the heavy lifting and ensures your email is delivered. If you are going to do email marketing you must have an autoresponder.

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