Clickfunnels Aweber Integration Mailing List Not Active…


Today I ran into a small issue setting up my clickfunnels Aweber Integration.

For those who don’t know Clickfunnels is an awesome page editing and funnel building software that produces very professional looking optin pages, sales pages, webinar pages, and even membership sites.

One of the great features is it integrates with many autoresponders. Recently I ran into an issue when I integrated my optin page with my Aweber list. When I entered my name and email address I got the error: “Mailing List Not Active”.

After digging around for quite some time I found just a small blurb about having to have a form created in your list in aweber even if you aren’t going to use it.

I tried that. I went into my aweber selected the list and clicked on signup forms. I then went through the process of creating a form with the same fields (name, and email) and saved the form.

I went back and tried to enter my information again in the optin and it worked.

So if you are going to use Clickfunnels and Aweber Integration be sure and create a dummy form.

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Glen Barnhardt

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