Why Coaching is So Important Today!

I’ve been in the Internet marketing space for about 18 years. Back when we first started almost anything you did would work. Today however it is much harder to capture the attention of someone and even harder to get them to buy.

Today you actually have to be a marketer and beyond that you need to know what works in the Internet Marketing space.

Now the sad thing is that our world is changing. We have moved, or are still moving from the Industrial age into the information age.

In the industrial age people could get a job move up the corporate ladder and many years latter retire and have a great pension to live out the remaining days of their lives.

Today job security is something hard to find. You have a constant fear that you can lose your job at any moment. And finding a new job is painstaking. You can’t get in front of someone and sell yourself. You have to first woe them with a fancy resume.

Many are turning to try and make a living online and many are failing miserably at it.

Some important things you need to know if you are headed down this path:

  1. If you build it they will not come. Let me paint a picture for you . You spend a lot of money you have the best graphics designers create your graphics and the best web developers build your site and when it’s all done it looks beautiful! Then you sit and wait and guess what no one comes to it. Your buddy next store has the ugliest website you have ever seen yet he is making a ton of money with it. If you build it they will not come. What does he know that you don’t?
  2. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on SEO. Back years ago you had to have everything perfect you needed onpage SEO and offpage SEO and if you did this right then your site would rank in the search engines and you would get a ton of traffic. Today having a site that makes you money using just SEO is very difficult. Most all of the top keywords are dominated by thousands of sites that have one big advantage. They have been there for a long time. It’s extremely hard to rank for a keyword like weight loss or make money from home. So you are forced to go to what they call long tail keywords and guess what those keywords are almost all dominated also.
  3. Advertising is not too expensive. So many new marketers think that advertising is too expensive. And this is why they fail! It’s not that the advertising is too expensive it’s that new marketers don’t know how to build a funnel to make it profitable. If I said give me a five dollar bill and I’ll give you back a twenty. How many times a day would you do that. As many as you can, right? Advertising works the same way and that’s how the big marketers make there money. They build and tweak a funnel till they can put in money and then end up with sales that are profitable. You put in five dollars to advertise and you get twenty in sales. You just made a 15.00 profit. New marketers struggle with this. The big marketers take this and scale it to millions of dollars a year.
  4. You can get traffic for free. The thing with free traffic is it takes time. Most new Internet Marketers are trying to build a business because they just lost their job and need income fast. Not everybody but a good amount. I see this everyday with people. If this is you you need to find something that brings income now so you can build your internet marketing business.

That is just four items that come to mind. There are many many more and as a new marketer if you want to succeed you need to skip to the front of the line and jump over all the mistakes you are going to make. In fact most people will flat out quit and go back to looking for a job. This is because Internet Marketing is very complex today.

You need a coach. Now when I say you need a coach I’m not talking about going out and buying course after courses and book after book on the subject so that you can learn. Spending money on education is good don’t get me wrong but having a coach that has already been where you are and worked his way through all the pitfalls is your ticket to success.

So if you are new to Internet Marketing or You haven’t found success doing it. I suggest you find a good coach.

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