Internet Offers the Slippery Slope…

Over the years I have purchased thousands of different training and software systems all claiming to make me a rich man. And because of this I have learned some very important lessons. First is that some of them were very good and I learned a lot from them others were pure junk.

Most of the time the pure junk came with a very low price tag. These are marketers trying to build a full time income off of the method I call “Quick Create and Sell” these programs almost always consist of a simple PDF with only enough information to wet your appetite. The upsell products offer videos also built in the same manner.

You will find that most of these types of products are sold through JVZoo or Warrior Plus systems and while I have found a few nuggets most were the same old stuff over and  over.

Even the higher priced offers I have bought into and I’m talking $800.00 to $2,000.00 products weren’t much better. So how is someone to know when there is a really good product. Your Guru friends are all going to push this stuff on you because they are affiliate marketers trying to make a living. It’s a long uphill in the snow battle. A slippery slope!

Even I have tried to build systems to help others that hasn’t worked out exactly as I would like, but I’m still working on making them work for my customers. That’s one of the important factors you need to look for. Will this be a product that someone dumps in your lap and you never here or see them again. Are they approachable will you get a reply when you send an email with a question. These are the things you need to look for.

Recently I started to promote a system. Now I want to preface this with the fact that I 100% love this system because it is the most thorough and rounded training I have seen anywhere. I would equate it to masters degree in online marketing. Once you have mastered everything in this program you will make money (unless you simply don’t try). Now I would warn you that this system takes dedication and time to master. You are not going to join this and be making money the next day. Nope like I said above, this is like a Masters Degree program, and if you have any college education (I have a Masters Degree) you know that it’s years of your time to learn the materials and get a degree.

Now I’m not saying it’s going to take 5 years for you to make money. But what I am saying is you need to get out of the mentality of looking for the magic bullet that will make you rich overnight. It doesn’t exist!! But that being said an Internet Marketing Business is one of the fastest businesses to become profitable with.

If you interested in the program I mentioned above join my newsletter I offer my own training on the subject and am looking for those that really have the mindset, time, drive, and dedication to join me. I personally mentor people on my team and I am approachable. I’ll give you my email and I will answer your questions. All successful entrepreneurs have had a mentor. It is a key component. I have a mentor, Bill Gates mentor is Warren Buffett, Mark Zuckerberg says that Steve Jobs is his mentor. Benjamin Graham is Warren Buffets mentor. Having someone as a mentor speeds your progress to success. I would love to help anyone who has the qualities I mentioned above.

In closing I would urge you to stop buying into everything that comes your way and join something that is evergreen and will get you where you want to be.

To your Success,
Glen Barnhardt




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