Why Your Losing Massive Profits by Not using a Marketing Funnel.

First you might be asking what is a marketing funnel. Most people just think it’s the level of the leads you are receiving but that is only part of it. Yes there are different types of traffic (cold, warm, hot) and you might react to each of them differently but there is more to a marketing funnel than just that.

So let’s say that you are using paid traffic and you are targeting cold leads and you are sending them to a page on your website that will offer them a free or free plus shipping offer. You are going to eventually go broke because if your giving it away there is no profit in the offer it’s a loss leader. If you are doing free plus shipping your shipping is most likely not going to even cover the advertising expenses so you are not in profit. You need a way to get into profit right away so that you can afford to spend more on advertising.

If your using free traffic that’s good but you are still leaving a lot of money on the table if you don’t use a funnel.

What a funnel does is sets up a series of offers so that you are in profit right away. This is where you want to be. There are many different types of funnels but in this article I’m going to use just a very simple example. My courses go into more detail on funnel types.

The Marketing Funnel

Free or Plus Shipping -> Level 1 Paid Offer -> Level 2 Paid Offer

So in a marketing funnel you immediately make additional offers. This might be one, two, three, or more additional offers. And it can be multiple different levels. For example if they accept your first paid offer you might send them to another related paid offer. If they turn down your first paid offer you might send them to an offer with a cheaper price.

The objective of the funnel is to lead them down a path to offers and the outcome is that you will be in profit from the start.

I cover all this in great detail in my training courses.

You always want to capture the email on your first offer. Then use segmentation to offer them the right products according to their actions.

So just as an example:

  1. You offer them a book with free plus shipping ($5.95 shipping). You get their email address.
  2. You immediately offer them a related product (audio of the book) and charge $19.95.
  3. If they turn down the offer you see if they will purchase the same product for $9.95.
  4. If they accepted your offer in number 2 above you might offer them a related course on the topic for $95.00.

Some people are going to buy your other products and that is money you are losing if you don’t use a marketing funnel. So start setting up your funnels today and watch your profits soar.

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