Why You Must Use Email Marketing in your Online Business.

Light BulbEmail Marketing was a Necessary Evil

Back when I first started to try and do Internet marketing I had no interest in using email Marketing at all! After all, I was tired of getting all those emails cluttered in my inbox so why would I want to do that to anybody else.

It wasn’t until I began to spend money on advertising that I discovered how important email marketing really was. Yes, it was a necessary evil. I had proven it to myself with test after test.

People are busy and once you get their attention you must not waste that time. My tests found that it takes an average of seven exposures to your offer before someone will buy. Yes, seven!

Then Came My Dilemma

I knew I needed to get my prospects in front of my product at least 7 times. To do that using advertising was not cost effective (you spend more than you make). It was inevitable I had to use some other method. Yes I had to use email marketing.

So I sat back and I said if I’m going to use email then I will do it with dignity. I gave the people who signed on to my list great information. Whatever the topic was I filled them with great content that helped them with whatever the offer I was promoting was. This allowed me to feel good about sending email. I was helping people.

So guess what happened I got even better responses to my offers. People could see that I was there to help them and they wanted what I had to offer. My sales exploded.

You must use Email Marketing in your Online Business

If you are running an online business you must use email marketing. People (even myself) do not mind staying on your list when in return you give them something they want. I promise your business and sales will explode when you do this.

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