Stop Banging Your Head Against the Wall

Is this you?

So many times I hear new marketers say I tried that and it didn’t work. Sometimes they say I wasted $35.00 and I got nothing.

Thomas Edison made many unsuccessful attempts at making the lightbulb. Some say 10,000, others 1,000, but honestly does it matter how many attempts? No! what matters is he didn’t give up.

What I see is new people who want the lifestyle of those who have bangged there head against the wall so many times that they finally broke through. But they don’t want to do that. As soon as one failure happens they say that doesn’t work and go on to the next thing.

So here is what works:

1. You set up your promotion
2. You set up tracking information
3. If the promotion fails you look at the data and then make adjustments.
4. You try again.

Yes there’s much more to it see the link at the end.

So no matter how thick the wall that your banging your head against. If you have the right tools you can chisel your way through.

Just guess what’s on the other side of that wall?

You got it the dream life you’ve been seeking.

It’s the 100k, the freedom, the healthy lifestyle. It’s all there on the other side of the wall.

Once you prove to yourself that you can break through that wall you will never be the same. People who get to that place know what it takes and no matter what happens in their life they can always get back to the other side of the wall. Look at Donald Trump.

It’s been said that only 4% will break through to that other side of the wall. While the other 96% will always live a mediocre life and never reach their full potential. Don’t be one of the 96%

Be one of the four percent!

To your Success,
Glen Barnhardt

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