Affiliate Marketing Doesn’t Work! Sick and Tired of Losing Money?

Affiliate Marketing Doesn’t Work!

I can’t even remember how many times I’ve heard people say this. And I completely understand why. They have been doing it the wrong way. Again I understand why, because I myself was taught  the wrong way also.

However I need to clear the air. Affiliate marketing absolutely does work and many are making big time paychecks and doing it full time. The number one earner in the world on ClickBank last year is Robby Blanchard. Robby makes $400,000.00 + a month in affiliate commissions. No that’s not a typo it’s how much he makes each month. This was last year 2020 during a year of chaos and the worst pandemic we have seen. So this myth is debunked I have personally made a lot of money doing Affiliate Marketing. But it wasn’t always that way.

It wasn’t till I learned the correct way that I actually made any money at all.

First For Our Newbies

Affiliate Marketing is when you promote products that were created by someone else and are paid a commission for each sale you make. In most cases the creator of the product will pay you 50 to 70 percent of the sale.

There are many affiliate market places where you can find excellent products to promote. One such marketplace is ClickBank which most people have heard of. 

You choose a product on the marketplace you are given a URL to promote and and send traffic to it and when someone purchases you make a commission. 

You can find products that have an average payout of in the hundreds of dollars. So for example if you get paid 50% on a $200 dollar product you would make 100.00. 

Just let your mind go wild here for a minute. What if you only made one sale a day. That’s $700.00 a week and $2800 a month. I know many people that don’t make that at their day job. 

So now that you know what affiliate marketing is let’s talk about what not to do.

The Wrong Way to do Affiliate Marketing

When I first started out I was taught to find a good product on ClickBank with a high Gravity (I will talk about this in another post when I teach about clickbank) then get my affiliate URL and promote it. I tried promoting through blogging, articles, SEO, and. paid traffic. I made no money.

Why? If it was such a great thing and everybody is making money why didn’t I. Personally after losing $1,000’s of dollars I totally gave up on it. In fact I wouldn’t even entertain listening to another advertiser trying to sell me on it. I would opt-out of there list so fast you would think I was killing a pesky fly.

So many many years later a friend came to me and told me how he was making money with affiliate marketing. Now because he was a friend and he had success I was intrigued.

And he pointed me to a course that helped him to have success. 

You can take a look at the course by grabbing a FREE copy of my book Affiliate Marketing A to Z is a primer on the topic and will get you ready for the course.

Even longer story made short It worked for me also. And I learned the right way to do it.

The Right Way to do Affiliate Marketing

In a nutshell the biggest missing piece was a completely different marketing method called List Building. When linked with affiliate marketing you will have success. Here’s why it works.

Before I tell you why let’s talk a little bit about traffic sources. Traffic sources are not all equal. When you are taught to post on your blog, write articles, do SEO, get backlinks all of this does work but it’s very slow. If you have a year to wait for success then this method will work.

The problem is most people can’t stay that focused for a complete year to start making money.

So the best traffic source is paid traffic. There are a lot of paid traffic advertising platforms. Facebook, Google, YouTube, CPA Networks. The list goes on and on. The reason it’s so good is you can have eyeballs on your offer the same day.

Now with that said if you don’t do it right you will lose your shirt. Here’s why.

Most people will pay for traffic and send them right to there affiliate link. Guess what that’s the wrong way! Here’s the math for you. 1% of the people you send to your affiliate link will buy. So you have to send 100 people to get one sale. 

The cost for getting 100 people to click on your link is about $1.50 to $2.00 a click. So, if you have to get 100 people to click to get a sale and it cost you $2.00 then you paid $200.00 for that sale. Now if you found a great product that pays you 75% commission on a $200 dollar sale. Have you made any money. Nope! 

And guess what those people that didn’t click. You won’t see them again either.

This is why people say Affiliate Marketing Doesn’t Work!

But there is a better way. When I tell you this you are going to realize the power in it.

Let’s add List Building into the equation!

Instead of sending people to your affiliate link you will instead send them to a Bridge Page that you built. A bridge page is nothing more than a landing page it’s just called a bridge page because it bridges between the affiliate offer and your ability to grab an email address. Yes, that’s the sole purpose of this page. Entice the the user to give an email. There is a lot more to this process but too much to cover in this email. You can grab a copy of my book Affiliate Marketing A to Z by clicking on this link or the book image in the left column.

So here’s the math when you use a bridge page. It’s not much different on the front end. You still pay $200.00 to get one sale and lose money. But the 200 people that clicked about 50% will give you there email to see the offer. 

Now you have one sale made $100.00 and have 100 people on your list. Well now you send emails to this list each day continuing to send them to the offer. It takes about 20 contacts to get a purchase so you will need to have a stockpile of emails queued up to send each day. Some will buy quick others will buy slower. But you can expect to make $1.00 per person on your list each month. So with Your 100 people that you get on your list in the next month you should make a second sale. 

So the math is now $200.00 Ad Spend $200.00 commission. You have broken even.

Right now your saying Glen that’s not going to work for me. I need to make money from this.

And here is where it gets exciting!

If you continue to do this each month. Your list grows. So the second month you spend $200 you add another 100 people to your list and get 1 sale on the frontend but this time you get 2 sales that month from the list. So your make $300 and your ad spend is $200. You are now in a profit. 

You see your list is an asset. As it grows as long as you stay active with it and continually add new people your income will increase. Plus if you turn your profit back into more advertising this can really skyrocket and it’s exactly why the top affiliate marketers make millions a year.

Let’s say you grow your list to 10,000 people (which by the way can be done fairly quickly if you turn your profits back into ads) That means you could expect to see $10,000 a month income just from the list. Even if you did no advertising. I don’t suggest you do that!

Do you see the power of this combination. After you get one product going you add another and another you might even go into different niches. The SKY is the limit.

I certainly hope this post has opened your eyes and given you a fresh perspective on Affiliate Marketing and List Building.

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