If Your Using Facebook Ads Your Losing Money!

Losing Money with Facebook

If Your Using Facebook Ads Your Losing Money!

Remember the day when you could buy Google ads for just a few cents a click? As the demand for there advertising grew so did the price. In fact the bidding on Google has become so fierce that only companies with unlimited advertising budgets can afford to use them anymore.

Over the last year Facebook Ads have gone way up and your profit down. Most will tell you that they still use facebook because of its fantastic targeting features. Yes, I agree facebook has a great interface for targeting the exact customers you want. But there are other options that target just as well.

Three Advertising platforms that I know are really taking off and still have affordable pricing are YouTube Ads, Solo Ads, and CPA Advertising Networks. Let’s take a deep dive into each.

YouTube Ads

One of the really great features in YouTube ads that allow you to really target your customers is that you can put your advertisement right in front of your competitors. You search YouTube find a video targeted at the exact type of person you are going after and you put your video right in front. The ads cost much less than facebook ads and have been proving themself over and over.

Solo Ads

You might be thinking┬áthat Solo Ads are ancient way to advertise. But when it comes to targeting you’ll find Solo Ad providers that have the exact target marketing you are after. Again at a fraction of the cost per click then you would pay on Facebook.

CPA Networks

You might be thinking about CPA networks from a different perspective. Not so long ago there was a plethora of affiliate products being offered teaching about CPA arbitrage. That is from the affiliate side of CPA Networks. There is also the advertising side of CPA Networks where you become the advertiser and the affiliates go to work for you. With this method you can again say exactly who your target market is and the really nice part is that you can bid on the price you want to pay. One option you also have is that you only pay for conversions. How nice is that? Again the costs are far less than what you are paying for facebook advertising today.

Isn’t it time to spend less on advertising and put more money in your pocket.

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