The Low Carb Lifestyle

Diets Don’t Work

There are so many diets out there that one can’t even keep track. You are going to find that I simply don’t believe in diets. Most of the time you will do the diet and if your lucky get to a weight you’re happy with. But what happens after that? Almost always you stop dieting go back to the old ways and before you know it you have gained all the weight back.

That is why diets don’t work. In order to lose weight and maintain keeping that weight off you need to do a lifestyle change.

The reason you don’t want to be on a diet the rest of your life is because you suffer because you can’t eat all the things you love. I know this and I understand. I too was in that same trap. Diet lose stop diet gain. Rinse and Repeat. This was till I decided to make a lifestyle change. Instead of going on a diet I started to research what was the best way to lose weight and keep it off.

About Low Carb

Eating low carb is a fast way for the weight to drop off and get you to where you want. But as I said diets don’t work. That’s because all the things you love to eat are full of carbs. But low carb is a way to lose weight and keep it off. At first you might even want to do no carbs to get to that goal weight. Then switch to low carb to maintain.

Right now your saying Glen that’s still a diet and I can’t eat the things I love because that have carbs.

The Low Carb Lifestyle that Works

So I have in the past tried diets like Atkins and followed Keto Diets but until I decided to make a lifestyle change and eat low carb always it was always this rollercoaster of losing and gaining. Once I committed to a low carb lifestyle I knew that I was in for the long haul. So I found there was foods I really loved but they had carbs. So I began to do research to find out ways I could eat the foods that I love.

Substitutions are the Key to a Lifestyle Change

So things I couldn’t do without were Pizza, Pasta, Taco’s, IceCream and so many other items. I began to look for Recipes that were low carb substitutes. What I discovered is that I could make all those items in a low carb version. And I can honestly say that they taste just as good. Yes it takes some tweaking to get your perfect IceCream or Pasta but once you master it they are delicious!!

Add A Cheat Day

There are some things that you simply can’t find a substitute for. So a little about me. I’m very analytical. I have a Master Degree and College taught me to research and come to my own conclusions on everything. So this is what I did. I ran some studies on myself. The first important thing I found is that your body stores fat and the fat that has been on your body for a very long time is the last that you will lose. Most common areas are love handles stomach area. These took years to get  and store all that fat. In another article I will go into all this in detail. But what I found that once I lost the weight I could keep it off by keeping the low carb lifestyle.

The test was if I have a cheat day how much will I gain and how long does it take to lose it. So in most cases I found that on a cheat day I would gain two or three pounds. Now you have to realize everybody’s weight fluctuates from day to day even when living a low carb lifestyle. So when I say two or three pounds it could also just be a fluctuation in that day.

The thing is that after my cheat day I would go right back to my lifestyle and I would be right back at my normal weight in just a day or two.What I have concluded by this study is that weight just gained comes off much faster than weight that you have carried on your body for years.

So a cheat day every once in a while is fine. Caveat being you go right back to your lifestyle. I personally save my cheat days for when someone calls up and asks if I would like to go out for dinner. And I do and if I can find things on the menu that coincide with my lifestyle I get those as apposed to the high carb choices. If there is steak on the menu I’ll have a nice juicy steak and yes I’ll have the baked potato with butter and sour cream or fries.

Just remember to keep the cheat days to a minimum.

You can join me in my journey to be a very healthy senior and live a long life. I’m always sharing information and recipes that work for me. Why not sign up to be notified when I post and always be up to date with what I’m doing.

Enjoy and I hope you start your own lifestyle change today!


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